Friends Forever-Episode 4

Friends Forever-Episode 4
setting:Reba and I in the audiance looking for my dad-Selena(Me)~"Where is he?"(I look around for a bit then I find him on the 2nd floor waving at me)(to Reba)"There he is!!DAD,I'M OVER HERE!!!"Reba-(to my dad)"HEY WE WANT TO ASK U SOMETHING!!"Brad(Chester)-"Hey honey,hey Reba,what's up?"Selena(Me)~"Dad,Reba wants to ask u something"Brad(Chester)-"What is it Reba?"Reba-"Can Jennifer sing 'Fancy' with me tonite?"Brad(Chester)-"Sure of course she can.It's been her dream.(to me)Isn't honey?"Selena(Me)~"Yes dad,it has been my personal dream since becoming her fan.So dad,I really can sing with her onstage tonite?"Brad(Chester)-"Of course honey.You know I don't come between you and your dreams even your personal ones.I love you honey so go have fun with Reba and I'll be here when u come back"Selena(Me)~"Awwww thanx dad.I'll be back soon"Reba-"I'll bring her back just b4 my concert tonite.Right now I wanna take her to an early dinner.Is that ok?"Brad(Chester)-"Yeah it's ok.Have fun honey.Don't come back to early guys.."Reba-"Thanx for letting me spend time with ur daughter.This means a lot more than u know.(To me)Come on Jen let's go."WHERE WILL REBA TAKE ME FOR DINNER?WILL WE BE BACK IN TIME FOR HER CONCERT?find out in the next episode of Friends Forever..
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