Love Story Episode 8 by cool76020 ~ It is so hard to fit all the ppl on here!!! LOL

Love Story Episode 8 by cool76020 ~ It is so hard to fit all the ppl on here!!! LOL
Episode 8 ~ :) Friday at Dinner!!! Miley~ OMJ u brought me to The La'Cafe Italian restrant!!! =D Nick~ Ya, All 4 u!!! =D Miley~AWWWWWWWW ur sooo sweet!!! =D ***KISS FOR 1 MINUTE!!!*** <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<MEANWHILEY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Selena Calls Taylor!!! Taylor~(answers) Hi!!! =D Selena~ Hey!!! =D Taylor~ Whats up??? =D Selena~ Oh Nothin i was just wondering what you wanted for your Birthday!!! =D Taylor~ Oh well clothes or something, I Guess!!! =D Selena~ Ok!!! =D Well Bye!!! =D Taylor~ Bye!!! =D *********MEANWHILE************* Miley~WOW,this food is good!!! =D Nick~Yah it is!!! =D Miley~I love italian food!!! =D Nick~Me too!!! =D Nick~But u know what i love even more??? =D Miley~What??? =D Nick~You!!! =D Miley~OMJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ I love you too!!! =D *** Kiss 4 2 Minutes!!! =D*** <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<MEANWHILE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vanessa is reading a magazine!!! =D Vanessa~ WOAH!!! They already noticed me and Kevin are going out!!! =D Vanessa~ It says our Couple Name is Kevessa!!! =D Vaneesa Calls all Girls!!! =D Vanessa~ The poporatzi found out me and kevin were going out!!! =D Girls~ WHOAH!!! =D Vanessa~Yah our couple name is kevessa!!! =D Girls~ WHOAH!!! =D Taylor~ Hey remember my party is tomorrow!!! =D <<<<<<<<<<<<<MEANWHILE>>>>>>>>>>>> Nick~ Here is a Gift For you!!! =D Miley~OMJJJJJJJJJ Its so beautiful its a....... Q's WHAT WILL NICK GIVE MILEY??? =D WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT??? =D Find out in the next Episode!!! =D
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Vanessa Hudgens!!! =D Made by cool76020!!! =D PLEASE USE!!!!!!! =D
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demi so xfect!!
Hannah Montana in concert!!! Made by cool76020!!! PLEASE USE!!! =D
Emily Osment -----> so cute ! <3
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Music_Lover123 dit:

Il y a 3938 jours
hmm can i be in the story, i can be Tiffany Thorton in it. lol

greenteddy19 dit:

Il y a 3950 jours
love it ur very creative!!!


Il y a 3950 jours
Love it so much !!
 He should give her a key adn say its the key to our love or something like that 

awesomeItzelle dit:

Il y a 3950 jours

mousey dit:

Il y a 3952 jours
This is awesome BFFL♥

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