Twilight Lovers<3 ♥

Twilight Lovers<3 ♥

A group for ALL fans! I'm Team Edward, but you can be Edward or Jacob idc join enyway!! And please invite a few friends if possible...Enjoy the group and have fun! P.S: Please TRY to be active :PP :) -Alexa

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Hello :3.
This group is for EVERY Twilight fan out there, no matter if your...JAPANESE for all I care! You can be Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Jalice (doesnt exsist lol) or Team Rosmett (doesnt exsist either (:)
[*=They have a special power]
The Cullens:
Edward* - Bella*
Alice* - Jasper*
Emmett - Rosalie
Renesmee (Half vampire, half human.)

Please at least TRY to be active...and if you can invite a few friends that would be awesome(:

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