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As a professional makeup artist, skincare expert and certified in Nutrition, Yoga and meditation I think everyone deserves to feel amazing on the inside and out. Beauty and health lovers join me to chat and get tips and advise!

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As a licencsed hairstylist and makeup artist, with a $35.00  yearly fee I am entitled to 40% off all of thier makeup! This way, it's like going to C.V.S.! If you couln't afford it before, you can now! I would be happy to take orders and ship. You can read it online look for macpro. Do the math! it's unbelievable!

Two small requirements for this favor, Be active in the community, not everyday but check in once a week, you know!

Also my website that is in development that is basically the same as this group, well you are getting the same advise! They are also buying retail, but not mac I cant distribute corporatley, but absolutly do favors for friends. Well back to that is that in a few months when it's ready, I want you refer, or become affiliates if you have a site or blog. If you do not, after you see how this works, mention my site in all different positive ways!

So in return, 40% off mac cosmetics imediatly, then commision! Just for some word of mouth! If you don't post a link, just email the url of the forum or site so you can be credited!  This won't be for about 3 months but like I said I will purchase your cosmetics as soon as possible depeding on amount, if you want to purchase a small amount I will wait for 2 or 3 more people. This agreement makes me feel well be the closest group Ive ever been in!

I am looking forward to sharing my passion with like minded people! I plan on doing classes a few times a month with a live chat app., a forum so we can chat whenever! Plus fun apps and tools updated monthly.

                                       email me anytime

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