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The greeting is important to know us better!!

well, I will start by telling why he believes the group? O.o

That's easy,  I love anime vampires !!!

so....i hope you like it OwO

---Most importantly, what language they speak so I can translate---
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Hey, thx for the add! Im Christie and I love Kaname from Vampire Knight and Fai D. Fluorite from Tsubasa Chronicles!! <3
posté: Il y a 3672 jours

i´m mika !!

I speak English and Spanish!!!

i love kaname 2 !!

and ion of trinity blood !!!
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I'm Luna, I love vampires to death and I'm an anti vampire hunter, but some of them are ok o_0 

I love kaname 3 lol he is a god, he is vary much like a vampire, sadistc, goth, and sexy. Alucard is also my favorite because of his pride as a vampire.

anime vampires i find are much better then in books, their so weak in novels, it's sad because vampires are the highlight of gossip these days;)
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Hello!!!!! my name is Martina... i'm 17... i'm italian... and I love anime!!!! my favorites animes are Naruto and Vampire Knight (I love Zero Kiryu!!!)...

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hi!!!  my name is eleonora!!! i love code geass death note,sailor moon and vampire knight!!!! bye!! ^_^
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im Hina n im 17 
i love vampires n anime so put the two togethr
n BAM chu hav greatness
so far mah fav anime vamp is Zero from 
Vampire Knight....he is amazingly smexi
woot woot lmao!!!
i speak english n a lil spanish buh am still
learning lmao
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Hello! I am Martina from Germany ... I am 23 years old and I LOVE Animevampir stories... My absolute Favorite is Zero from Vampir Knight
posté: Il y a 3605 jours

i´m mich of USA 
i´m 16

i love love KANAME-SAMA !!!!
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始めまして-Hajimemashite(nice to meet you)
at first:I won´t tell U my true name,because I don´t like it!XD
Just call me Zelda or Shirayuki!
Second:I´m from Germany.I can speak:German(Deutsch),English & a little bit Chinese(Zhong wen/Han yu)
Third:You can ask me whatever you want!^^

~I love anime vampires as well.They´re so much cuter than those stupid RL-vampires!!!
and i am obsessed of Kaname-chi and Zero-tsuan!!X3
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Greetings! I'm Sinner Eve but you can call me Professor for short ^^ (read Chrono Crusade Volume 5 to understand humor). I love nosferatu (but hate sparkling meyerpires [shudders]). I wish it was possible for me to become a vamp. Alucard Rules! Zero Rules! Eva Rules! Moka Rules! Hell all Animepires rule!

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