(◕‿◕) ❤ (◕‿◕) Great Blingee Group!(◕‿◕) ❤ (◕‿◕)

(◕‿◕) ❤ (◕‿◕) Great Blingee Group!(◕‿◕) ❤ (◕‿◕)

in this group people will compete in some contests!!!!!(◕‿◕) ❤ (◕‿◕) hope ya alll have fun on this group!

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          hey guys!!! its me Cassie or case_1999
!!!!!(◕‿◕) ❤ (◕‿◕) !!!!!(◕‿◕) ❤ (◕‿◕) !!!!!(◕‿◕) ❤(◕‿◕) 


WINNER will have there blingee the group icon and it will be rated and they will win a blingee!!!!

1. -Selena Gomez- Winner-robin1031

  1st- http://bln.gs/b/1u2ley
  2nd- http://bln.gs/b/1sk31y (Lorenia13)
  3rd- http://bln.gs/b/1txrn8 (xrealmileyfan)

2. -Delena- Winner-SelenaG9601
  1st-http://bln.gs/b/1ugezh (selenaG9601)
  2nd-http://bln.gs/b/1u7nu8 (xrealmileyfan)
  3rd-http://bln.gs/b/1tukq2 (lonnie_1998)


Everybody is welcome!
If you love Disney or Nick then JOIN
If you love Twilight then JOIN
If you love Anime then JOIN
If you love Vocaloid then JOIN
If you love Justin Bieber then JOIN
If you love Selena and Demi then JOIN
If you love Taylor Swift then JOIN
If you love Percy Jackson and The Olympians then JOIN
If you love being random then JOIN
If you love yourself then JOIN
If you love blingee contests then JOIN
If you love just chatting with people then JOIN
If you want me to shut up then GO JOIN NOW! :)))

OKAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! WOAAAHHHH!!!! It had been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long since I visited this group and the posts are like 300 days ago!! so.. If anybody cares, can anybody wants to be a group manager?  

and yes, I review new
 members before adding them 'cause I just want to :D  and If you joined and I haven't accepted you yet go to my profile and just post a comment for me to accept yah :)


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