request text stamps :D

request text stamps :D

a group for people who cant find a good word stamp, D: so i made this group so you guys can request them and i'll make them for you :D !!ONLY WORD ONES!!! because i dont know how to make animation stamps :p ok well join :D THANKS xoxo

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                 !WANT A WORD!!!

i made this group because i know how it feels when your trying 2 find the perfect word in ur style in ur colour and u cant well thats why i made this group :D 

JOIN!!!  *for competitions :D
         * word stamps (ur choice)
         * FUN!! LOL

yeah i sound like a weird person im not weird im random so join or i'll ummm hurt u or something..

leave ur full name and address here...
so i can hunt u down and kill u IF U PISS ME OFF!!!

^^ dont actually do bif on stalking ppl haha

ok join and invite ur friends thanks ppl xoxo 

               !!!ADD MEE!!!!!

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Here to help!
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