*~Georg Listing 4ever~*

*~Georg Listing 4ever~*

If you love Georg Listing from Tokio Hotel, then this is the group for you! :D

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Hello Georg-Lovers! I'm RatedRPunkxxx and I started this group cuz there just ain't enough Georg love out there. I dun know why. :( He's cute, adorable,...sexy. Anyway, I honestly think that Georg gets overlooked a lot because of the twins and it's not that I don't love the twins, but I feel like if you're a fan of Tokio Hotel, than you have to be a fan of ALL of them, not just Bill and Tom.

Now, if you have ideas for groups competitions or stuff like that just send me your idea and we'll probably go along with it. Or maybe plans to kidnap Georg and keep him forever and ever! We won't judge you...I won't judge you anyway. Who wouldn't wanna steal him. :) Have fun!

At the moment, here are your managers:
Me: Of course, I made it. I'm General Stephanie! Salute fangirls! lol

tomybillkaulitz21: This is my lieutenant. She also believes she is Georg's mother for some odd reason but she's nice so you'll like her.

MeganKaulitzlov17: Another fangirl. IDK all the army ranks so she's the 2nd Lieutenant. So therefore tomybillkaulitz21 is her boss XD She's nice too. But she makes me do work. *sigh* 

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