This Is For Fritz blingee's & your rp wolves ^_> Have fun!

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║Title: "The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
║Made By: Rikku74

:3 Please Join This Group & Make Blingees of wolves + Fritz XD I would love 2 see your awesome blingees of rp wolves and my wolffy Fritz :3 I will update group icon every week <3

Normal Looks: http://bln.gs/b/21uqr9
Venom Looks: http://bln.gs/b/21upom
~♫♪Blingees Of Him♫♪~
1. http://bln.gs/b/21ybw6
2. http://bln.gs/b/21ysh6
(Name) Fritz <33 Me
(Full Name) Fritz Talon Hawk
(Nickname) Slim Jim, Sprite
(Sex) Male
(Mate) Gross! 
(Crush) Eww As If You Could Tame Me! 
(Species) Dog / Venom Hound
(Coloration) He Has Two Form, Look At His Pic's
(Venom Markings) White Fog Around Eyes,Chain collar  
(Normal Markings) Brown/Tan Fur, Gold Eyes, Earings
(Scars) Some 
(Pups) O_O No!
(Age) 4years
(Mom) Cleopatra/Dead 
(Dad) Gunner/Dead
(Brothers) I guess KInda my Venom Form
(Sisters) No..
(Looks) pic's
(Fav Colors) Black, Gold
(Likes) The Sunshine ^^
(Dislikes) My Dark Half :(
(Personality) Brave, Gentile, Giving, Lovable   
(Mood) Happy Go Lucky! 
(Story) Hes Sorrow & Depression was eating him alive until one day his head started to crack open & bleed patches of blood covered him & old rotten flesh spots appeared all over him. Finally Depression had overrun his life & that was how Fritz's Venom Form Was Born. Venom Is Mean, Hateful, Rude little Creep. Daylight Hes A Dog, Night Time A Beast Of Horror...  
(Them Song) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ict-GlP4Qhw
(Venom Song) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epr8l3-zUcU
(Powers) Only Has Powers In Venom Form, Oh & Fritz Wont Remember anything once he turns normal, so if Venom Kills someone Fritz wont remember a thing =(
(Warrning) Do NOT Steal His Name Nor Look! 
(C) Me!

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