♥ Kagamine Rin fans and lovers! ♥

♥ Kagamine Rin fans and lovers! ♥

This for all those fans and also join if you like Anime and Vocaloid!

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Rejoins ce groupe!
Please feel free to join! :D

Here's some info about Kagamine Rin and I'll add other Bio's if requested! ♥

•Rin Kagamine 02 VOCALOID:                            
•Age: 14Years                                     
•Height: 152Cm.                                      
•Weight: 43Kg.                                       
•Favorite Genre: Pop, Dance,Electro-pop.             
•Favorite Colour: Orengy-Yellow.
•Favorite food: Lemons and Oranges.
•Best Freind: Miku Hatsune.
•Lover of: No one sadly.


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