Groupes - Vampires

  • ♥ Gothic Couture ♥

    ♥ Gothic Couture ♥

    10 Members

    Share your fabulous Goth creations here! Anything goth inspired, scary, spooky & dark b...

  • rosario + vampire

    rosario + vampire

    1 Members

    hey si tu aime rosario vampire ta place est là

  • ❈*❈Horror Anime❈*❈

    ❈*❈Horror Anime❈*❈

    38 Members

    This group is for all kinds of horror anime ^.^

  • fantasy and other stuff :)

    fantasy and oth...

    15 Members

    hi if you are into fantasy plz join vampires, demons, pixes, warewolfs, fairys whatever...

  • Default_group_image

    The vampire/ani...

    1 Members

    Any body who loves vampires,anime,fantasy,or wolfs are allowed. :D

  • Ƭhε ωσᴙℓd σf Vαmρiᴙεs

    Ƭhε ωσᴙℓd σf Vα...

    5 Members

    Ehi tu! Sì proprio tu che conosci a memoria tutte le puntate di Vampire diary e ke sogn...

  • The vampire diaries books and tv show!!!!!!!!

    The vampire dia...

    7 Members

    This is a group for the books and the cw tv show the vampire diaries and the characters...

  • Default_group_image

    the vampire moon

    2 Members

    Tous ce qui sont acro aux vampires,aux loups garou rejoigné moi dans ce groupe. Enrejis...

  • Lonely Fairy

    Lonely Fairy

    2 Members

    Ce groupe n'accepte que les fans du monde féerique, des chevaux, des sims et des vampir...

  • Default_group_image

    the vampires di...

    1 Members

    nous sommes les vampires diaries et une seule chose nous unit c'est " THE VAMPIRES DIAR...

  • Default_group_image

    the vampires di...

    1 Members

    Ce groupe conserne les fan de vampires diaries ( tout comme moi ) si jamais vous êtes f...

  • Default_group_image

    Welcome To My V...

    1 Members

    hier mag van alles van vampieren tot Final Fastsay en meer

  • I like my men with fangs♥

    I like my men w...

    20 Members

    Do you love your men to have fangs? Or . . . just simply sparkle? Then this is the gro...

  • ** The Vampire Diaries & Cie **

    ** The Vampire ...

    60 Members

    Hey ! Here is the world of The Vampire Diaries ! You can express your feelings about...

  • Vampire Fan-fiction

    Vampire Fan-fic...

    5 Members

    This group is for vampire fan-fiction. It may be about any vampire novel, movie, or T...

  • Default_group_image

    Vampires Diaries

    1 Members

    Blingees los personajes de la serie The Vampires Diaries más sensacional

  • Default_group_image

    Emo of twilight

    1 Members

    Vampires and angels (good and bad) fans.

  • ☠ємσ† .Ðάяк ✖Goth PEOPLE

    ☠ємσ† .Ðάяк ✖Go...

    14 Members

    Are you a dark person? Do you like the vampires? Do you like Evanescence, My Chemical...

  • Vampiro «» Vampire

    Vampiro «» Vampire

    7 Members

    Vampiros Vampires

  • Default_group_image

    The Volturi Fan...

    7 Members

    if your a fan of The Twilight Saga And Love the Volturi Join this group!!! :)

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