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  • night gallery

    night gallery

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    fairy tales that dont end so happily ever after, fallen angels, sirens, harpies, dark f...

  • ♥ Gothic Couture ♥

    ♥ Gothic Couture ♥

    10 Members

    Share your fabulous Goth creations here! Anything goth inspired, scary, spooky & dark b...

  • I <3 fantasy too!

    I <3 fantasy...

    34 Members

    This group is for users who love to make fantasy blingees with fairies,dragons,krakens,...

  • witches cauldron

    witches cauldron

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    heksen,elfjes,tovenaars,draken je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken,of je kunt het hier (ko...

  • ___†°°°CaStLE BraN°°°†___

    ___†°°°CaStLE B...

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    Se adori l'oscurità e tutto ciò ke ne fa parte.......ISCRIVITI!!!(^-^)

  • Trix


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    Trix fans =D

  • Default_group_image

    ~*♥*~Charmed on...

    4 Members

    Charmed It about 3 Sisters Piper,Prue,and Phoebe Halliwell.Prue died and Paige take her...


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