Groupes - dark

  • *~Goth•By•Heart~*


    22 Members

    Gothic Beauty of the night, bewtich thy soul by candle light.

  • Dark x sempre

    Dark x sempre

    3 Members

    Il dark e' la mia vita

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    Psychotic Mc's

    2 Members

    da psycho rappers dat like to spit it violent naw meeen and get it down but they have s...

  • Default_group_image

    dark shadow 2009q

    2 Members

    this is a dark team race shadow dark to be the winer ask this question how does so...

  • Default_group_image


    1 Members

    zαlα zOlO pαrα chαvOz creαthivOz y OzcurOz

  • The Dark Side (with a little light!)

    The Dark Side (...

    3 Members

    Welcome to the dark side! It's dark, it's a side, and it DOES have a little bit of ligh...

  • Maya Fox

    Maya Fox

    2 Members

    ehi ciao ragazzi/e questo gruppo è stato creato sotto richiesta della stessa Maya .. ed...

  • Twilight Lovers<3 ♥

    Twilight Lovers...

    29 Members

    A group for ALL fans! I'm Team Edward, but you can be Edward or Jacob idc join enyway!!...

  • Default_group_image

    bunnies that ha...

    1 Members

    i love the dark side

  • Robert Pattinson<3

    Robert Pattinso...

    145 Members

    A group for fans of Robert Pattinson♥. FANS not haters. TEAM EDWARD

  • Default_group_image

    the dark life

    1 Members

    eveybody on the dark side!

  • Sad Music

    Sad Music

    4 Members

    Sorrow like blood running through my veins...

  • Vampires anyone?

    Vampires anyone?

    9 Members

    for anyone who loves vampires or gore.... or anything in the style of gothic.

  • ĒMØş  Ūηïŧε∂

    ĒMØş Ūηïŧε∂

    14 Members

    Emos United is about emos, coming together to be one big family. Doesn't matter if you'...

  • MetalHeads anonymous

    MetalHeads anon...

    25 Members

    Welcome to my club,it's me GabyChan13,I love Metal & all things dark because I can't st...

  • ϟ EmO gRoUp!!! ϟ

    ϟ EmO gRoUp!!! ϟ

    5 Members

    Si ErZ eMo O kIeReZ zErLo ÚnEtE a ZtE gRuPo!!

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    emo dark punk g...

    3 Members

    qst è il gruppo per chi vuole mettersi in mostra dimostrando la classe e lo stile che ha

  • ϟ eeмoO ϟ

    ϟ eeмoO ϟ

    33 Members

    genTE EMoO*

  • *Das~echte~WolfsRudel*


    4 Members

    Ich dachte mal, ich gründe en Rudel =D zuerst Privat mit Freunden, und jetzt für alle U...

  • The Vampires Reunion

    The Vampires Re...

    43 Members

    Ciao a tutti!!! Il gruppo "The Vampires Reunion" è dedicato a tutti quelli che come m...

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