Groupes - dark


    DARK-HUNTERS an...

    3 Members

    This is for the series..from SHERRILYN KENYON and laurel k. hamilton..i've read all of ...

  • *°"EmO&Co*°"


    21 Members

    Per tutti gli emo,dark ecc!Siete tutti benvenuti qui! Cmq per chi crede che gli emo si...

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    Deep & Dark.

    2 Members

    For girls who love deep and dark colours, and who arent tomboy, but not atall girly girly.

  • Default_group_image

    <3 ghost hun...

    1 Members

    all and everything about TAPS and ghost hunters

  • Default_group_image

    dark ace/ aerro...

    1 Members

    join this group and upload blingees of aerrow and dark ace

  • Default_group_image

    -=|®ågåzz¡ ë ®å...

    1 Members

    υи'gяυρρσ ѕємρℓι¢є ιи ¢єякα ∂ι иυσνє αмι¢ιzιє...ρѕ:яєgιѕтяαтєνι!∂ινєитєяємσ αмι¢ι!

  • ···^v´¯`×) συя вєαтιfυℓ єуєѕ (×´¯`v^···

    ···^v´¯`×) συя ...

    68 Members

    Ciao a tt!qst gruppo ha come tema gli occhi,d qualsiasi genere e colore!cmq se vi iscri...

  • Metal Anime chreators

    Metal Anime chr...

    1 Members

    hey u like anime and metal? maybe we can mix em' up lolz come on try it!!!

  • Default_group_image


    1 Members

    ciao sn giorgia,ho creato qst gruppo x tutte le amanti dello style..nn inporta quale.. ...

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    dark people and...

    1 Members

    A group to show your fave artist .and emo's.

  • "Side of Gothik"

    "Side of G...

    4 Members

    All about: "Gothik,Angel,Dark,Fantasy uvm!"

  • Gothic Bling

    Gothic Bling

    7 Members

    Gothic Blingee makers and lovers! This group is for all who love anything dark and sexy...

  • Default_group_image

    oO...Amori Non ...

    1 Members

    xki soffre x amore..

  • Werewolves Forever

    Werewolves Forever

    1 Members

    This group is for every werewolf lover and for every werewolf movie lover. Welcome.

  • Nachtschatten


    25 Members

    Dies ist eine Gruppe für alle, die's lieber dunkel mögen, die sich mit Begeisterung vor...

  • Default_group_image


    1 Members

    ce groupe= 100% gothique...

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    emos are cool

    5 Members

    r u an emo??? then join us!!!

  • Default_group_image

    The dark side

    1 Members

    for any one in the darkside must join for ultimate awesomeness!

  • ♠  DaRk sHaDoW ♠

    ♠ DaRk sHaDoW ♠

    738 Members

    A fantasy-gothic group.

  • Joker Obsessed!!!

    Joker Obsessed!!!

    1 Members

    A group for people who love the Joker. =]

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