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  • ~* Gothic *~

    ~* Gothic *~

    53 Members

    Holaaa sí tienes imagenes gothic, compartelas con nosotros...

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    Love ♥ £vane§¢£n¢£

    1 Members

    Se vc amaa evanescence entra nsseh grupo "eu amo evanescence, e show e fikei sabendo ...

  • £vane§¢£n¢£


    4 Members

    Se vc amaa evanescence entra nsseh grupo "eu amo evanescence, e show e fikei sabendo ...

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    Yamato Nadeshik...

    1 Members

    Yamato Nadeshiko is cute! Sunako Nakahara, Kyouhei Takano, Takenaga Oda, Ranmaru Morii ...

  • Gothic-mania


    33 Members

    Bonjour, tu es comme moi une gothic à l'état pure.Tu aimes aussi le style emo ou mangas...

  • ,-°Gothic°-,


    56 Members

    Hier entsteht eine Gruppe, für die Blingeeliebhaber, die gern mal etwas ausgefallenes E...

  • Vampires anyone?

    Vampires anyone?

    9 Members

    for anyone who loves vampires or gore.... or anything in the style of gothic.

  • ϟ єм0 яawя  ϟ

    ϟ єм0 яawя ϟ

    16 Members

    Emooo♥♥Rawrrr;iis YuerLove My Druqqq?(:

  • Neko & Anime Lovers!

    Neko & Anim...

    15 Members

    This group is for all those girls who love anime pictures, neko girls, chibi pictures, ...

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    Gothic is my life

    1 Members

    für gothic`s und die die es noch werden wollen ^^

  • Death Note Italian Fan

    Death Note Ital...

    10 Members

    Gruppo per tutti i fan di questo bellissimo anime/Manga!! ^^ Iscrivetevi, se volete co...

  • G0tH!c


    128 Members

    for goths only no insults!!

  • The Vampires Reunion

    The Vampires Re...

    43 Members

    Ciao a tutti!!! Il gruppo "The Vampires Reunion" è dedicato a tutti quelli che come m...

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    5 Members

    since no one else could be fucked making one ^_^

  • DEMONDZ!!!!!!!!!!


    2 Members

    We are the DEMONDZ and we are ready to be FAMOUZ!!!We will rule and we'll be in the mos...

  • Gothic-Rock


    15 Members

    Si vous etez fan de rock et metal je vous conseil ce groupe.. Ici vous pourrais y mett...

  • •¤**¤Ğσтнι¢ Čнι¢•¤**¤

    •¤**¤Ğσтнι¢ Čнι...

    35 Members

    En icône: Shyvaya



    41 Members

    ρєя тυттι ι fαи ∂єℓℓα мιтι¢α яσ¢к вαи∂ fιиℓαи∂єѕє!

  • ..|..<(+_Music is life with The Rasmus_+)>..|..


    13 Members

    Questo gruppo è stato creato principalmente x gli appassionati x i The Rasmus" ma da co...

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