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◦◦◦ღ♥♡Vocaloid Kaito♡♥ღ◦◦◦
for my blingee friends ^^
The Rising Ocean
[Vocaloid Lily]~Listen to the whispers of your heart->FOR CONTEST
~ Blue Heart Vocaloid KAITO ~
Impatient Feelings Trapped Within My Heart~~
{ ◇ I Think about you every single day ◇ [ © ☆Yume☆ ] }
~♥♫•Miku` Hatsune` - "Just` promise` me` you'll` think` of` me` everytime` you` look` up` in` the` sky` and` see` a` Star`"•♫♥~
Miku Hatsune White & Teal
Only Dream [Vocaloid Mikuo] - Kyomu