emo i 3 you

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χχ . . . ωнєи ι'м ωιтн нιм, ι'м тнιикιиg σf [ у σ υ ] < / 3 . . . χχ
ιllιlı.♪♫♥[☆{ɱ& !n 3ɱΘ bΘϓ}☆]♥♪♫ιllιlı.
How my immortal was there for me when i wipped her tears but my angel was never there..
[-|The Hardest Thing </3|-]
Sailor Moon - My Entry #3 - Sailor Mars
i love you~
I'm Back :D
i used tO lOve him
If you can't hang':3 Sleeping with sirens
For xoxohananishakxoxo  By:katiruskita n.n
*Lady Gaga**Telephone* Para Rodrigo (El primo de Danae xDDD )

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Jésus, Coeur Sacré

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