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My First Time Using Blingee Plus!
Well, aren't you addicted? Kadaj: Hmm? My mobile phone? It's not addiction. It's hobby.
****wHo sAyS**** music blingee
I made her a blingee addict/For my sister tmb1955
Stay by my side ~Rin and Len~
Kiba how cute he is!!!!
[FOR CONTEST] Back to School blingee~ [Ciel Phantomhive[
''уσυ ¢αи ¢αℓℓ υѕ υиρєяfє¢т, вυт ωнσ'ѕ ρєяfє¢т؟'' ¢нαρтєя 1 - тнє ℓσνє ρσєм {куνι fαиfι¢}
My Baby is Too Cute - ARES/XENA Honeys^^
Shut up, I❤u.
ρσυи∂ ¢αкє & ρυмρкιи ¢αкє . ♥ вяσ&&ѕιѕ(=
∂σи'т тяу тσ нαтє мє вє¢αυѕє ι αм ѕσ POPULAR . ♥

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