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**N.i.n.a. D.o.b.r.e.v**
" мy ғlaтlιned ιnнιвιтιon ιѕ мy aммυnιтιon! «ι м j υ ѕ т ғ ι g н т ι n g т o g e т в y~» "
G.r.e.y.s.o.n.C.h.a.n.c.e[♥]•Hαckэd ßy мαfэя.coмэ gαllэtαs.jοиαs.williams.lavigne.lovato
~wнaт a wonderғυl carιcaтυre oғ ιnтιмacy~
M.i.c.h.a.e.l P.a.n ♥!O.r.i.g.i.n.a.l B.l.i.n.g.e.e B.y A.E.J
~aĸι нacĸeeaмdнo a ғloor вy:вelen_45 ғor:ғlopyta17
>>I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth<<
I'll be your n u m b e r ~1~ with a bullet, a loaded God complex, cock it & pull it!<3
*тнe all aмerιcan rejecтѕ - ιт endѕ тonιgнт*
*avrιl lavιgne - wнaт тнe нell*
A  mother's  cry--
[every lιl' тнιng ι do ғor l♥ve, redeeмѕ мe ғroм тнe мoмenт ι deeм worтнy ғroм тнe worѕe тнιngѕ ι нave done..]

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