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.«.•°•..[.W a i t i n g  f o r  Y o u  t o  c o m e  b a c k.]..•°•.».
(¯`·._) Luka Megurine & B (¯`·._)
turquoise jewel alpha B
Message  from the  Heart
B...eautiful fairy letter
*~ D o n ' t  s a y  g o o d b y e ,  H e r e  c o m e s  g o o d  b y e , S o  l o n g  a n d  g o o d  n i g ht~*
Demi in the Bee Way on Sonny With a Chance
Blue Lace With Red - Blue & White - Rot, Blau, Weiss - Elarn03
Blake's Christmas Frog
Predictions_The Empress Over The Moon
~Silent Star Myrna Loy~
lil b orange

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