stefan and lexi vampire diaries

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As long as you have a Salvatore on both arms, you're doomed!
Show me what you're hidding!
Think about the love in the strength of the heart! (Bonnie and Jeremy)
* { Nina Dobrev } * It's always summer in my heart and in my soul *
Come with me and Escape! (Ian Somerhalder)
How can i choose between angels?
"Maybe if you and me had met first ..." {Damon&Eléna}
stefan salvatore --->{Ôrîgïnâl ßlïngèe ßy mitikâmiley}
capitulo #7 the vampires diaries
Stefan Salvatore--->{Ôrîgïnâl ßlïngèe ßy mitikâmiley}
Let the water throw its shades of red now!
"Look at Me" {Damon&Eléna}