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Ummm...NO THANKS! I'll eat at home!  (lol) JUST A JOKE, PEOPLE! geez
SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN! (this is a joke ok!)
Nick: Me n Selena?! NO WAY! (Read Description) This is only a joke..
Single? - Taken? - Mentally Dating A Celebrity That Doesn't Know You Exist? - Elarn03
This Is Not A Joke This Is A Licantropy [[Tratto Da She Wolf - Shakira]]
The Tea Party.  / Joyful226
THE REAL Lady Gaga
Slow Recovery
~all you will ever be is a faded memory of a bully~
No COMMENT.  joke-conki Madness
My Mother 1935-36 College Graduation picture. Joyful226

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