when you smile

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When You smile I melt inside - Dan & Serena (Gossip Girl)
Jesse / When you smile, the sun shines ♥
Jesse & Hanzo / McHanzo / When you smile, the sun shines ♥
~♥~ SebasuChan ~ When I See You Smile ♥ ~♥~
So Lovely when you Smile
When you smile I smile even when you're happy, I'm happy too, when you cry, I cry with you and comfort you.
Sebasuchan Mikaerisu - You make me Smile Everyday♥
just the way you are
Avril Lavigne Smile_Fre4ever
And when you smile, the whole world stops...
And when you smile,the whole world stops... Grace Phipps.
And when you smile the whole world stops