you can t see me

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even though you can't see me anymore, I'll always be right beside you (sorry for wrong spelling >.<)
~Can't You See Me....I'm Right Here~
You Can't See Me...   By BRU
John Cena you can't see me
Miley Cyrus See your Again
♫♥ ♫♥ ♫ Count On Me ♫♥ ♫♥ ♫ For All My Friends
"I hope you can see me smiling now" {Damon&Eléna}
Don't Loose Your Heads
One Direction.♥ {What Makes You Beautiful}
I'm Hiding, You Can't See Me!!!
Even in this Darkest place, my Brother still can't let me Die (Norge and Ísland)
°You can't see me...°

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