I like to try every style of Blingee art and to do challenges! Start date was July, 2015.

I am a grandmother of 3 boys, who loves to play in Blingeeland!!

I live in the Southwest, USA.

 All of my stamp downloads are for everybody in the world to use.

The only vote I give is 5* or there is no vote at all. Thumper, the rabbit, in the movie "Bambi" said "if you can't say something nice, then you should say 'nuttin' at all".

Blingee is far less messy than playing with my acrylic paints and canvases or oil pastels!!

Finally, there is now time after the holidays to make some new friends.  I have met wonderful people and am grateful for their votes and  kind comments!


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Happy B-day KAITO ♡ Valentine's Day
Happy B-day KAITO ♡ Valentine's Day
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Desertsun dit:

Il y a environ 18 heures
Congratulations on amazing #9 on Fantasy Horse !!
That magic horse was just magic ! I love it !

ortega42 dit:

Il y a 1 jour
je vous propose un nouveau défi qui portera sur les amérindiens un grand peuple américains qui aujourd'hui encore marque les esprits. si vous trouver le thème intéressant  je vous proposerais d'autre challenge . svp veuillez respecter les consignes merci 

Desertsun dit:

Il y a 1 jour
Is time to vote in your challenge BEST EMO GIRL BLINGEE but is so many amazing creations that is very hard to pick .  Who ever win will be well earned .

passionpussycat dit:

Il y a 1 jour
Hi Sweetie....I Am So Sorry that I Am Behind On Voting & Commenting On Your Incredibily Blingees but I have this dern flu & 1 day I feel good & the next I can`t seem to get any energy to do anything....It`s an awful feeling :)I will get everything caught up...I hope I am on the down end of this as now I am spending time in the bathroom :)
Have A Wonderful Day :)

Thanx For Understanding,
Your Forever Friend,
Tawny....XOXO....Huggles :)

rainbowgyrl dit:

Il y a 2 jours
THANKS, where do you get your ideas????lol lol

1oooVoтeTнαnks dit:

Il y a 2 jours
welcome in my group add here your blingee

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