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Here check this out it's my first 
account,well not really but I don't
use the old ones now.So this one
and the one on the link are the
ones I use !! Check it out it's below !!
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All about moi !!

Rest In Peace Pebbles The Golden Lab 

October 14th 2005 to September 20th 2012 

Hey Ya'll my name is Danielle
you can call me Dani,I'm 20
years old,but I feel more like
14 lol Yes I'm a kid at heart and
that's forever,I'm a geek also and
I'm proud of it,I love Anime,Power Rangers
Martial Arts,The Katana is my favorite weapon
I am a Ninja after all right? lol I love 
almost anything that is Asian,even Asian
guys lol I do love K-Pop the boys of the
band BIG BANG are sooo hott,G-Dragon is my
favorite of them all !! I've loved Anime
since I was alittle girl,I pretty much
grew up with it.My fav anime is Naruto !!
I am also a bit of a Vampire geek,Twilight
is cool,but I'm not a big fan of it but
I can say,I'm Team Jasper,and Team Renesmee !!
I love Animals,fav animal is the Panda Bear
also a big fan of Monkeys,Monkey is my 
nickname after all !! I have a Dog named Joey
and a cat named Cleopatra.I had a dog named
Pebbles but she died at age 6 of Stomach Cancer
I miss her so much.I'm a shutter bug I love 
takeing pictures of almost everything and videos too !! 
My hobbies are Drawing,Writing,Singing 
and Dancing.I love makeing friends so feel 
free to try to become my friend,I'd love that !! 
I have two sisters,Erin is 19 and Stephanie is 35
Stephanie has Spinabifida,so she has a Wheelchair.
I am a big believer in the Paranormal I've
had some Paranormal experiances myself.
Find out more about me by my Blingees
and ask me anything you want,except the
personal stuff,not gonna happen people lol

Thanks so much everyone for your awesome comments !!


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