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the next 3 weeks will be a super busy 3 weeks for me i might not be on so much : so please understand; i got field trips for my son : getting ready to go to my moms in a different state saturday: then following week vacation: so bare with me thank you

come join my groups would love to fine some amazing admins to help me run these groups as well :) 


my facebook is

my facebook page for all my designs is

my facebook earnhardt page is



these are my facebook pages i own : if u want to like these pages: and profile and cover pics are designed by me on photoshop :)

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alicia silverstone same stamp dog contest
vintage spring
Afficher davantage



p01s0n_l1p5_0... dit:

Il y a 11 jours
Open ~ August Icon Challenge ~ 8/12/2017 ~ The Challenge Group

Once again it is time for our monthly icon challenge. 

Remember to add you Blingee to the group so that we can select it as the group Icon if you win.

Miry♥ dit:

Il y a 13 jours
Please, come on and join our new same stamp challenge in The Challenge Group

nataliplus dit:

Il y a 13 jours
** The Challenge Group **
Hello! In our group a new competition is open.

p01s0n_l1p5_0... dit:

Il y a 18 jours
OPEN: Voting Time~8/5/2017

Hello folks, it is time to vote on this weeks challenges. I encourage everyone to vote on every challenge, even if you didn't enter it. PLZ, Good luck everyone.

diptishree dit:

Il y a 24 jours



CrystalViolet dit:

Il y a 30 jours
*DARK HEART GROUP*~~Please join
New color challenge:

bratt6t9 dit:

Il y a 30 jours
OPEN~~Woman Warrior Challenge, By: Bratt6t9
started by: bratt6t9

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