I am Jenna Daniels. I come from Novinger and I am a fan of Dragon ball. My favorite person is Goku. Please look at all the Blingees that I have created. Also, I would be grateful if you friended me and commented on my Blingees. I have two baby sisters and one younger brother and an older brother. I love them all. I forgot, I am also from Missouri Novinger. That is right by Kirksville. I am all Indian. I  have lots of different Indian in me. I can't even remember all of them. I will have to say, I certainly do love anime things! Anime people. Anime animals. Anime everything. 


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Il y a 1404 jours
yea.. you have a lot of real good blingees


Il y a 1404 jours
Thank you for your comment 
yea.. I don't do V-Day

Preciousbaby63 dit:

Il y a 2035 jours
Please come and check out my new group. Voting is in process right now, but will have new challenge real soon. I hope to see you there soon, Its a very easy and happy group to be in. Will have Challenges weekly. Lots of fun.

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