Hi, Im Blaze!

Hi, my name is Blaze. I am a female elemental wolf and my element is fire. I am a young wolf pup and like games best out of everything except people. I am a tomboy and like to wear shorts and t-shirts. This is very new to me but I think I will really enjoy using this. Bye!

Ok, really my name is Heidi, I am 12 years old and live in Australia. My hobbies are gaming, playing with pets and hanging with friends. My favourite place is my bed and I have no friends on here that I actually know in person. Oh and I am DEFINATELLY a girl. I am a social sort of person, completely tom-boy and I am in love with the movie Hunger games. If you want to know more, ask on one of my blingee's. You can ask absolutely anything :)


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