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i'm not a kid anymore, i'm almost a young adult and i guess it's time to move on. 
i've made beautiful friendships and met wonderful people from all around the world.
i can't tell you guys how grateful i am for my time on here. my childhood was amazing also thanks to this website: i have so many great memories.
sadly, we all grow up and life goes on.
even if this is the end, a part of my life that comes to a close, i will always cherish the memories. always.
i spent too many hours and TOO MANY YEARS of my life on here that it's kind of bittersweet.
but, for now, goodbye blingee, it was lit.
i won't forget any of you.
i wish you guys the best, i hope y'all are happy and living the life you've always dreamed and hoped for.

                                          xoxo, - the 17 year old lisa


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mdna - 1998.
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Miiley-Cyrus- dit:

Il y a 1108 jours
I miss you Lisa

Miiley-Cyrus- dit:

Il y a 2028 jours
Lisa, I will always love and miss you, hope you have a good life and future, you deserve it girl <3 :)

Alli.. dit:

Il y a 2412 jours
Idk if you remember me or not but I miss you... -Alli

BlingeeStarGirl dit:

Il y a 2864 jours
••●advetising here••● http://bln.gs/b/27bipg

••●chat here••● http://bln.gs/b/1w1wa9

no comments on the profil! thanks :)

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