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In case you were wondering, a California Sister is a butterfly. (Yes, I love butterflies) :D Anywho, hello there- Feel free to send me a friend request & don't be a stranger. I love making new friends!!

I joined blingee on April 1st, 2014 (not an april fools joke, I promise haha!), and I love it here! 

I love looking at all of your beautiful blingees and try to comment on every one of them- I always rate them 5*. 

I'm here on Blingee to stay. I apologize for my absence when I am away, but I am a college student and I do get very busy when the school year comes around. I'm working on becoming a teacher! (: 

♪ A few of my favorite things are: Butterflies, Koalas, the colors Purple & Green, Chocolate, and Nature ♪

As for pets, I currently have a sweet kitty cat who is putting on the pounds, a tortoise that I have raised from an egg and will likely outlive me (my science teacher brought them & gave them away when I was in high school!), a very sassy corn snake named Corny, and some fish (one of which I have had since middle school- around 6-7 years old??).

Thank you to all my wonderful friends- you have made my time on here very enjoyable! (: 


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Under the Moonlit Skies
Afficher davantage



Laureannesophie dit:

Il y a 67 jours
Für dich♥for you♥pour toi♥para ti


Laureannesophie dit:

Il y a 261 jours
Happy Birthday♥


Laureannesophie dit:

Il y a 274 jours
Zum morgigen Weltfrauentag- Woman's Day!

http://bln.gs/b/29pkeo jour de la femme

Бинги dit:

Il y a 340 jours
Happy New Year! http://bln.gs/b/29ofcs

Laureannesophie dit:

Il y a 345 jours
2019 ist das Jahr des Schweines, es soll
dir viel Glück bringen!

année du cochon

Laureannesophie dit:

Il y a 366 jours
Schönen Nikolaus♥Happy nicholas


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