Heyy people what's going on?

My name is Emma. My birthday is August 1 1998. Here are thing about my life.

My Favourite T.V. show: 

Metal Fight Beyblade with one of my loves Gingka Hagane, Bleach another love Ichigo Kurosaki,Spider-Man (1994 series) the other other love, Spider-Man the new animated series, Spider-Man Unlimeted, Spectacular spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man and more.

My Favourite Music/Band: 

I like a lot of band but my favourite 2 bands are Evanscence and My Darkest Days. Other bands I like for example are finger 11, Theory of a DeadMan, Nickelback but they sound the same in a lot of their songs, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace and bands like that I like, but i do sometimes like pop songs.

My Favourite Hobbies: 

I love to collect Beyblade's and Beyblade stuff. I  love collecting Spider-Man stuff as well. I also love drawing,hanging out with my friends, singing, playing hockey. 

My friends think I'm weird and i know I'm weird person so get over it Jk.

I also love making new friends and i'm all up for friend requests. 

Talk later Emma<3


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AkaneChan dit:

Il y a 2691 jours
Hi! I need your help for the next competition in ♦αηιмєєє♦ group. Check this out!

amali-eva dit:

Il y a 2699 jours
ola de pans quien te lo mandoola no es x asustarte pero me mandaron un mensaje..........a mi me asusto x eso te lo mando.......hola soy teresa fidalgo hoy cumplo 27 años de muerta si no pasas esto a 20 personas dormire a tu lado para siempre

Nami333 dit:

Il y a 2722 jours
Ah i See >w< and i saw Spider Man when i was little :3

EmmaLoveGHandS-M dit:

Il y a 2736 jours
But my favourite out of my 3 loves is Spider-Man!

EmmaLoveGHandS-M dit:

Il y a 2737 jours
Yah I Love him no joke. I also Love Gingka Hagane and Ichigo Kurosaki they are my love :)

Nami333 dit:

Il y a 2738 jours
Me also :D u like Spider Man?

EmmaLoveGHandS-M dit:

Il y a 2739 jours
I'm good how about u?

Nami333 dit:

Il y a 2739 jours
Aww hey how are u? >3<

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