Peace Love & Equality

Hey there everybody! I started a feminist group and I hope to see you there!! 

I'm a 32 year old mom to a wonderful little sweet boy and I love doing any and all artistic activities... In fact I like to use my own creations as base images for my blingees a lot of the time (I also like to use my own image...that probably means I'm a tiny bit vain huh? lol) I guess you could say 'art is my life'!

I've been called a hippie, a geek, a feminist, an intellectual, a bleeding heart, a wise ass (lol), a bookworm, a pagan, and an activist, among other things... ;) Speaking of activism... I am very happy to see so many blingees made with my peace love & equality stamps, my awareness ribbon stamps, and my feminist stamps! It makes me feel like I'm helping to spread a message of unity and that gives my life meaning. So thank you for that! I also want to thank everybody who has been using my postcards...thanks for the badges! :)

I love all the people I've met on here... You guys are the greatest! :D Let me also take this opportunity to thank all of you for your very nice comments! They really make me feel talented =D


Soy un artista y una mamá que quiere hacer el mundo un mejor lugar. ¡Y amo a mis amigos Blingee!


Je suis un artiste et une maman qui veut faire le monde un meilleur endroit. Et j'aime mes amis Blingee!


Ich bin ein Künstler und eine Mamma. Ich möchte internationalen Frieden holen. Und ich liebe mein Blingee der Freunde!


Sono un artista e la mamma che vuole rendere il mondo un posto migliore. E io amo i miei amici Blingee! 


Sou artista e uma mamãe que quer fazer o mundo um melhor lugar. E amo os meus amigos Blingee!


Ik ben een kunstenaar en een mamma dat tot de wereld een betere plaats wil maken. En ik houd van mijn vrienden Blingee!


Jestem artystką i mamą, która chce sprawić, by świat był weselszy. I kocham moich przyjaciół na blingee!


Είμαι καλλιτέχνης και ένα mom που θέλει να κάνει τον κόσμο μια καλύτερη θέση. Και αγαπώ τους φίλους Blingee μου!


我是艺术家和妈妈。 我想要使世界更好。 并且我爱我的Blingee朋友!


私は芸術家および母である。 私は世界をよりよくしたいと思う。 そして私はBlingeeの私の友人を愛する!


Я художник и мать. Я хочу принести международный мир. И я люблю моих друзей Blingee!


나는 예술가 및 엄마이다. 나는 세계 평화를 가져온다. 그리고 사랑 Blingee 친구!


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Vykie4XENAres... dit:

Il y a 265 jours
Hello Fairies!! I know I know..I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately.. 

Anyways, it is Time to Vote in PDB!!! Yayy! :D

Vykie4XENAres... dit:

Il y a 614 jours
Good Afternoon Fairies!! PDB's Gates are open again :D

kbourgerie dit:

Il y a 940 jours
There is a new  theme challenge in PDB. Please join us for some fairy magic .

Giorgia2015 dit:

Il y a 961 jours
Hi friend, please join the new PDB challenge

Vykie4XENAres... dit:

Il y a 1026 jours
Hey Sweetie, Merry Christmas for You and Your Family!

Vykie4XENAres... dit:

Il y a 1110 jours
Happy Sunday Fairies!! There is a New THEME Challenge in PDB, come on over and play with us XD

senstx dit:

Il y a 1278 jours
Hello fairy lovers!! A new color challenge awaits you. There are 6 colors! Set your imaginations free!

boblisa00 dit:

Il y a 1421 jours
PDB Color Challenge

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