Hola de vuelta,dicen que el tiempo cura todo y ¡asi es!....

I will not accept request from minors.
I will not accept request from minors.
I will not accept request from minors.

Voy a aceptar las solicitudes de personas que tienen sus gustos similares a los míos.
No aceptaré solicitud de menores de edad.
Así como yo de manera responsable califico mi círculo entero de amigos con 5 * también les pido que califiquen mi trabajo. Las personas que no cumplan con este requisito serán removidas de mi círculo sin decirles nada, lo siento.



I am a 50 year old woman I am Geminis ♊, I like music from the 80's (both English and Spanish) my passion for the old groups like Pink Floyd, Queensryche, etc. I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren, I live in the north of Chile.

For me Blingee it's a passion since I began in 2012,  it helped me as a therapy at a difficult time in my life, I believe in respect for the work of other people and respect for their worldview. "No one can judge you because only you know the truth of your life."

I will accept requests from people who have their similar tastes to mine.
I will not accept request from minors.
As well as I responsibly rate my entire circle of friends with 5 * also ask them to rate my work. People who do not do this requirement will be removed from my circle without telling them anything, I'm sorry.

Welcome the responsible people.
Thank you

❤ ❣ ✔ ✿ ☀ ☠ ❀ ♥‿♥ 
♥‿♥❤️☀❤️☀❤️☀❤️☀❤️ ♥‿♥
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❄️┊ ┊❄️*♻️
Have a great week෴❤️෴ ෴❤️෴


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Mariah Carey.
Mariah Carey.
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Kirschi173 dit:

Il y a environ 9 heures
Für Dich.. möge er dir immer zur Seite Stehen..
  (\       /)   
   ( \(_)/ )     
   ( / || \ )     
  */* 5 *\**** 
       ❤️***lichst Monika

BELV dit:

Il y a environ 11 heures
Création's en folie

Vote jusqu'au 25 Novembre 2018 Minuit

Concours N°6 : Vintage

Spéciale fête : Thanksgiving

Bon vote !

Alucard.Tepes dit:

Il y a 1 day
Thank you very much!

Somwane dit:

Il y a 1 day

Miry♥ dit:

Il y a 2 days
✨•.¸☠ Ҡıηց∂σɱ σԲ Ðαʀκηєss ☠¸.•✨

Ƥℓεαຮε Řεα∂ αη∂ Sɨցη 


тнαηк үσυ, ҠσÐ Ɠʀøʊρ

Miry♥ dit:

Il y a 2 days
Listo Isa, ya está todo enviado!!!

Les pediré q te agreguen a su grupo d amistades ... Por lo del manejo del grupo nombre preocupes, es bien fácil y más q nada hay que estar atentos a q suban los retos rápidamente cómo has hecho tú .. besitosss

caesar59 dit:

Il y a 2 days

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