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mizzstina dit:

Il y a 446 jours
Hi  , i would really like to invite you to this challenge that meens a lot to me :-)

mizzstina dit:

Il y a 473 jours
Hello , i would like to invite you :-)

I♥♥♥BLINGEE dit:

Il y a 675 jours
Sua conta foi denunciada!

I♥♥♥BLINGEE dit:

Il y a 675 jours
Your account has been reported!!

Mrs.TeresaJean dit:

Il y a 760 jours
Merry Christmas My Friend!

drobles394 dit:

Il y a 913 jours
You really need to pay attention and only enter your blingees into the appropriate contests.  GROW UP!  No one is voting for you.

TracyMcGibbon dit:

Il y a 999 jours
Please stop entering random blingees in the red carpet competition. You are cheating! This weeks celebrity is Dwayne Johnson. Only blingees of Dwayne are allowed! Thank You!

katista dit:

Il y a 1059 jours
I agree with Tracy.

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