My name is Karen. I live in NC & I have been on Blingee since 2007. I love animals, fantasy creatures, good movies, music, and all kinds of art. I love to make hand-crafted jewelry and recycled candles. I am happily married & have been since 2006. I have made some wonderful friends here who I will always cherish. 

I always vote 5 stars on blingees and stamps. Thank you for stopping by my page!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!


Groups I'm in:

http://blingee.com/group/84299--  (MAGICAL UNICORNS)


  • Nombre de fois mis en vedette: 24
  • Badges: 1,055
  • Blingees Palme d'or: 7,183
  • Blingees Palme d'argent: 7,540
  • Contributions de Stamps: 1,319,496
  • Cartes postales: 624,333

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Valentine's Day Fairy
Pink Valentine Fairy
Afficher davantage



nalufan690 dit:

Il y a 7 jours
Honestly, it doesn't bother me. I can stay on Blingee and be happy without fearing for my life

seastar dit:

Il y a 8 jours
Hi. Have not felt well at all, sleeping a lot. Got your message this morning, was prob out with dogs when you called. We both have just been piddling around today too. Maybe some good sunny days will help! Andy is watching Wonder Woman now I think, but don't know if he is awake or not. Feeling weird, I guess too, cause with the Zofran, I have been able to keep meds down again and it's all settling back in my system. Hope you are enjoying the weekend! TTYS.

nalufan690 dit:

Il y a 9 jours
I think they're reading comments. Maybe you can comment and see what happens.

nalufan690 dit:

Il y a 9 jours
Yeah. I know why. This is the thing they posted in the BT group. My bestie Katie told me this cause I wondered it myself


RedHeadsRule dit:

Il y a 9 jours
No problem at all, Sweetie pie! You know that you can send any of the ecards to your facebook friends and that's the same as sending them to their email addresses, don't you? There is a button to share on Facebook-you do NOT want to click that, but there is another button about sending to your fb friends. You click on that one and it pulls up your friends list and you just type in whoever you want to send the card to. It goes right in their messages on FB.

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