Just a Girl in Texas

  Hmm "About Me" ... well, I'm a true Texan, born n bred, I'll be a Texan til the day I'm dead. That pretty much sums it up...lol  Ok...i'm just an ole country girl... I love nature and doing things outside. 
  I adore my pets, as well as all animals. My pets are 2 lil chihuahuas, 2 big black labs, 2 parakeets and a house cat,... along with the stray cats outside that keep the mice away... there are often lil visitors that show up at night... can always count on a raccoon, possum or skunk to show up, they never pass up a free meal...lol  :oD  
  My favorite job was at a blueprint company...  that could be why I like doing these pics...lol  I think it doesn't matter if you're good at making these are not...the thing is having fun making them, besides each one you make...just seems to get better!  :oD
  Guess that's about it... or all I can think of at the moment......Pam


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