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Happy new year guys

Im Am called Lillyand Grace Kidger Graham and i want to become a professional ballet dancer when im older( I'm 10! )

I am from Australia and i live in Hong Kong, i go to the international montessori school and my best friends are Ella Keogh, Phoebe Williams, Milly Larcom, and Sonya and Kaia Rigby!

My mum is from south Africa born!, so dad! )and her mum is from Germany also my dad is fully Australia, were we are going this summer!

If you see the picture of me and one of my Best Friends( Ella )i am the girl with blond hair, well pink to because it was halloween and i died me hair pink to look like a vampire( they do sometimes die their hair, in movies of corse! )but of corse i know by now that their not real!❤️,

I've also got two more sisters the first older younger than me one is 
called Jemima and she is 7.
The younger younger one is called Heidi and she is 4!
Iove them but they can be a bit Annoying sometimes!( like today! ).

My favourite country in the world is Australia were I was born and lived in almost my hole life!, and my favourite animal is a dog like I have!( she is called Peppa! )my favourite collar is Pink...

I also LOVE handsanitisers perfumes lip balms and creams!!!!

Lilly Xxx


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Il y a 1572 jours
Thank you for your nice comments! ^-^ But the girl in http://bln.gs/b/28rqrv that you commented on is not me, she is Park Bom from the girl group 2NE1. (:
Unless you were indirectly speaking about/to Bom, then I apologize. ^-^;

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