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Favourite Kpop groups.
EXO. {Bias: Xiumin}
BTS. {Bias: Seokjin}
GOT7. {Bias: Jaebum}
MONSTA X. {Bias: Jooheon}
BIGBANG. {Bias: T.o.p}

Tнαɴĸ yoυ, I wαѕ α вeαυтιғυl мoмeɴт. I wιll ɴever ғorɢeт ιт. ♥

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~Name: Chiara.
~Japanese Name: Aky.
~Age: 17

☁☁ ☁☁

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Favorites Anime:

❥ Mιяαι Ɲιккι
❥ Sнιηgєкι Ɲσ Ƙуσנιη
❥ Sωσя∂ Aят Oηℓιηє
❥ Ɗαтє A Lινє
❥ Lσνє Lινє! Scнσσℓ ǀ∂σℓ Ƥяσנєcт


❥ c

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 Bithday's presents: {2o14}

-http://bln.gs/b/27v4ny {Da Malty♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v473 {Da Mariko♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v4vk {Da Bea♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v510 {Da Di♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v50i {Da Xavi♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v58g {Da Nana♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v5fi {Da Caro♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v5k9 {Da Lu♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v5ui {Da Saggy♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v5r0 {Da Kyoko♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v8ad {Da Ica♥}
-http://bln.gs/b/27v7kk {Da Yuno♥}



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♛Qυεεη♛ dit:

Il y a 5 jours
Oh I see :( your best options would've been France or Germany but I hope you get to see your fave kpop groups live one day. I just recently went to 24K's world tour. They were in Europe! I got the hi-touch and a group photo with 24K's members *w* I even exchanged a few words with my bias! ♡ And there's a bunch of kpop concerts coming up that I would like to go to but I don't have enough money T.T so do you have any kpop merchandise?

Pastel_Tears dit:

Il y a 5 jours
i reply fast ;w; but!! my biases are;

BTS; jungkook
Seventeen; woozi
NCT; johnny
Exo; xiumin
BlackPink; lisa
Twice; tzuyu
n 2NE1 it was bomi ;---;
i think thats it-

♛Qυεεη♛ dit:

Il y a 5 jours
OMG I know!! I love all their songs >w< I see that you like BTS group, that's my bias group~ btw are you going to BTS' Love Yourself World Tour? And have you been to any kpop concerts?

Pastel_Tears dit:

Il y a 6 jours
Hello!!! don't worry about being awkward i'm a bit awkward myself SKSK but!!!! my favorite k-pop groups are BTS ( obviously ), EXO, GOT7, Pentagon, BigBang, Seventeen, NCT, Red Velvet, BlackPink, Vixx, TWICE, 2NE1 ( even though they disbanded T - T ) , and i believe those are all-!

Enszit dit:

Il y a 6 jours
I still can't pick a bias for EXO xPPP but I really like Kai, Baekhyun, and Xiumin too~! Overall I like all the members. They are awesome! I'm glad to talk to someone who likes kpop too. I have another account dedicated to kpop. 


I don't know if you will be able to open the link but if you do feel free to add me if you'd like ;) 

So what are some of your favorite kpop songs?

.✿¢нαяιzαя∂.ⓖ... dit:

Il y a 7 jours
Hey! Do you like anime?
Please, join in my group. ♥

✿*゚ ゚̈✎αиιмє ρσωєя!☽

jeanpierre69 dit:

Il y a 140 jours
(^.^)        Bonne soirée
          Ton ami jean pierre 69009

goblin230 dit:

Il y a 175 jours
bonjour joyeux noël bonne fêtes de fin d'année cadeau pour toi http://bln.gs/b/29c6mn bonne journée

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