helo continue to read on pls

i luv watching anime i dun read much storybooks though but i read manga da most especially romance manga F.Y.I manga is comic book n i oso like 2 watch korean dramas i onli watch animes tat has something to do wif love n i luv surfing the internet in search of new songs n i oso like 2 listen 2 japanese songs,chinese songs,english songs n korean songs i can speak a little bit of japanese onli 4 e.g. arigatou,kombawa,ohio,konichiiwa n many more i can onli gib out my first name but nt my full name my name is stephanie age i could nt tell u as its something tat i prefer 2 call it privacy my telephone numbers or hp numbers i could nt gib out or else later i might receive prank calls or prank messages email u cn onli add me on msn if u wan 2 apple_lover98@hotmail.com tats my email i onli watch shows tat i m interested or else i wun watch tats all i can say bout me as i can't gib out 2 much info of myself.


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