RP is life :)

Hi I'm julie and one thing i love to do is write and make RPC(role play charaters) off of show  i like most,some from one i make up :) here are the story I am in the process of doing (i also do some bands and muiscan too :)

Wolves night
about:On the age of humans there where wolves... There was once and wolf for each element .. Water... Earth... Fire.. Wind .. and Electirciy.. There was also a leader of this.. The wolf of night also know as Queen maryanne. Now with good there is evil in this case the hounds of hell ruled by Queen diananna.. her and her hound tryed to take over the forest (wich was all the world back then) and lead to a long battle. Diananna was close to victoriy when in her lastmoments Queen maryanne used the power of her nature staf to send dainanna away and send her court and her two children into a near future  with there power so that if evil where to rise agian..

YuGiHo GX the dark days:
julie kuran(going as yuki) is a Ra the frist year at the acadamy out of her  her school wich is all slifers red,but she has more then a gift of the cards...she  also a creature of the night and this be the frist year dule acadumy is even acepting her in with her night class group,but now out of no where a danger from the world father from the one we live in is coming to rule us and it up to julie and some human along with her human brother jaden and rena to stop it. 

pokemon andveture of all time
jade is a pokemon traner trying to become a pokemon mater going on adventure with her just her and her pokemon
saving halloween town: another halloween as past and in come the after party with all the commers of the underworld.With king jack and queen sally now having the party specail seeing its there daughter stellas 16 birthday,even king grim and queen mandy of the underworld arive with there kids grim jr and mindy. but somthing happpen thta will change everything...


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melodytabby dit:

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do you think this is cute ^^ http://bln.gs/b/1r009n

Mariksbaby09 dit:

Il y a 3774 jours
come in my group!
thanks/komme büdde in meine gruppe!


naru1014 dit:

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yep im very luved (hard to believe O.O)

naru1014 dit:

Il y a 3921 jours
im goin to 2 parties in the same day

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