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swtjade dit:

Il y a 317 jours
I removed some of my friends who haven't been on blingee for awhile please add me back if you ever come back. I'm cleaning out my list because some people have left and also I don't know who's coming back. I miss your creations... Hurry back

swtjade dit:

Il y a 381 jours
How long has it been since we all been back here.. lol I just stopped in to say hi. I did do a new blingee.. Nothing great. But just to let others know im still around.. take care and stop by sometimes. If you ever come back..

lealive dit:

Il y a 534 jours
I wish you a beautiful 2018 full of blessings

Hugs always
Me :)

seasoned402 dit:

Il y a 541 jours
Merry Christmas  :)

websitelady dit:

Il y a 643 jours
Hey, really like the stamp you made called 'Pink Hotness', did you illustrate it yourself? 

seasoned402 dit:

Il y a 834 jours

seasoned402 dit:

Il y a 889 jours
Hiya Tazz !How are you ?
Good I hope :)
Happy to hear from you always!
miss ya 
hugs and kisses 

grandma5 dit:

Il y a 905 jours
I wish you Health... 
So you may enjoy each day in comfort. 
I wish you the Love of friends and family... 
And Peace within your heart. 
I wish you the Beauty of nature... 
That you may enjoy the work of God. 
I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities... 
For those things that really matter in life. 
I wish you Generosity so you may share... 
All good things that come to you. 
I wish you Happiness and Joy... 
And Blessings for the New Year. 
I wish you the best of everything

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