I believe In Equivalent Exchange

Sσ Tнєяєѕ Tнιѕ Gυяℓ Caℓℓє∂
Sнє Bєcaмє A Sтaя Oи Tнa
×_11th November 1991_×
×_ѕнε ιѕ 20 yяѕ σℓ∂_×
Sнєѕ Liνiи iт Uρ iи
Sнє Flυттєяѕ Hєя Laѕнєѕ Oνa
×_brown eyes_×
Wнiilє Sнє Tωiddlєѕ Hєя
×_Dark Brown hair_×
Sнє Cυяяєитlу Sтaиdѕ Aѕ A
 ║█♫█║Now Playing:Brake Down
 ║( o )║By:Girugamesh
   Turn It Up ♫
 ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄
♫ Morning Musume
♫ Ayumi Hamasaki
♫ Koda Kumi
♫ Utada Hikaru
♫ Girugamesh
♫ Inoue Joe
♫ Gackt
♫ Malice Mizer (only when Gacky was lead singer)
♫ Clear Veil
♫ Duel Jewl
♫ Maxmum the Harmone
♫ DragonForce
And many more
My blingee Goal:
have-40* gold blingees(Achived)
Have-1 in anime comp at least once(achived)
Have-2000+ in anime and emo(achived)D:
Anime That i have watched
♥Vampire Knight
♥Cardcaptor sakura
♥Kannazuki no miko
♥Lucky Star
♥Haruhi suzumiya
♥Ouran Hostclub
♥Ff7 Adventchildren and last order
♥Devil May Cry
♥D grayman
♥Elemental Glade
♥Full metal alchemist
♥Elfin lied
♥Yu Yu hakusho
♥Nyan koi
♥Highschool of the dead
♥Ghost sweeper
♥Mystical Knights of Rayearth
♥Transformers amada
and many many more :D

anime to watch list
♥Myself yourself
♥Yugioh 5Ds (On season 2 yay!)
♥saint seiya
♥Sailormoon S
♥Tsubasa chronicals
and many more too 
my thanks too:
♥ everyone in my friends circle
♥everyone who has rated/commented my blingees they will be returned :D
♥anyone who votes my blingees in the competion i wouldnt have so many badges as i do without everyones help so thanks a million ^_^
Ima Conquer Online addict <3


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Merry Chirstmas
Afficher davantage



demonpryncess02 dit:

Il y a 3076 jours
OMG!!! Hey its been forever!! Glad to have you back :D Hehe how are you?

My nets out need to wait for my brother who's overseas to come and fix my internet -_- Im using my brothers laptop to come on my page...but need to get off and study for my exams coming soon...I think I have a week left D: 
Well hope you enjoy your time back here on Blingee :D Missed you xx

Blingeerahhhh dit:

Il y a 3298 jours
hαρρÿ ṿαlεṉτïṉε'ṡ ḋαÿ/ƒεlïʐ ḋïα ḋε ṡαṉ ṿαlεṉτïṉ =)

`"¹li¡|¡|¡il¹"`  ♥

DayDreamingFa... dit:

Il y a 3342 jours

My Wishes for You... 
Happiness deep down within. 
Serenity with each sunrise. 
Success in each facet of your life. 
Family beside you. 
Close and caring friends. 
Health, inside you. 
Love that never ends. 
Special memories of all the yesterdays. 
A bright today with much to be thankful for. 
A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows. 
Dreams that do their best to come true. 
Appreciation of all the wonderful things about you.


DayDreamingFa... dit:

Il y a 3352 jours
..............☆♥- ҈ -※
...........*◈ *✱*❉☆♪
.........¨※ ♪♥*- ҈ -◈✿*
........*♥✱☆ *✿*- ҈ -♪♥*
......*8*♥*◈- ҈ -**✿☆♥※
...............__▒__ Merry Christmas!

JasminDragon92 dit:

Il y a 3393 jours
thank chu Rukia-chan~*hugs tight* in a wail? more like forever xDD im good, drowning in homwork n making videos to keep sain xDDD how about chu? how have u been sweetie?? i missed talking to chu~

demonpryncess02 dit:

Il y a 3410 jours
lol i see :] well im off now..gotta go study for exams. bye. 

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