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Hello, my name is Paulina, age does not give, because it is not important to me! As you can see I am interested in manga and anime, music, and country of the Rising Sun. I like to watch movies, read books, draw, paint, and sometimes write stories. I do not like rude people, children, neo, emo, Pokemon, and so on. 'm Not emo, nor satanist, so please do not call me that! I do not judge anyone by what you hear, or watch! The fact that I'm not like you, does not mean I'm inferior because I do not listen to JB and Lady Gaga for example. Everyone has their own tastes, so with the strength of his grace persuades no one. Here are a few things about me in a nutshell, because I would have, to produce a looong know from experience that virtually nobody reads oO 


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92lady10 dit:

Il y a 2573 jours
Thank you very much ^_^

yricajoy dit:

Il y a 2573 jours
geez! my spelling are wrong sorry! ^c^

yricajoy dit:

Il y a 2573 jours
hi! thanks for accepting my circle request! your coll blingees are awsome! ;]

AyameXx dit:

Il y a 2574 jours
Thanks for your comment ^_^

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