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DestinyGusman1 dit:

Il y a 2054 jours
Heyy sorry i havnt been on latly :( missed u soo much hope ur on soon

princesskayla... dit:

Il y a 2128 jours monster x katie gift

Sonamy4ever dit:

Il y a 2135 jours
I definitely remember you! ;o; 

I'm sorry I haven't been posting because well the school Wi-Fi banned the browser I was using onto Deviantart.Becuse some idiots decided to watch porn daily on it and some bitches decided to post nudes on facebook thru the school Wi-Fi and on the schools ipad. -.- idiots I tell you.

But non the less I'm back, I got a new laptop and got gimp and i'm ready to draw :3 jut need my internet back xD lol but I missed you and hope to talk to you again soon! c: 

insane.carrot dit:

Il y a 2163 jours
Don't worry about it >u<

Vortex:*he chuckled* The beach is always fun ^^ Unless you get attacked by crabs o.e *he shuddered*
Rebel:*he swam around under the surface, looking for Maylina*

Chessie:*she hopped over to Theodore and nibbled on his ear*
Knight:If we can find any *he smiled and nodded*

Phoenix:Ah, come on! It's fun, you will barely feel a thing >:D
Drake:I've seen those :o 
Fox:*she rolled her eyes* Well then, I am assuming you just want to sit around?

bitani49 dit:

Il y a 2197 jours
beeb! what is you doing up at this time???? *dies* hahaha jk jk Lil beeb ;w; <3 Oh in case you haven't checked your skype, I suggest you do before you reply to the RP message (whenever you can ok? don't worry). I  added a few ideas for the Marroom RP c:

RubyCat2 dit:

Il y a 2199 jours
Your welcome! <3

princesskayla... dit:

Il y a 2199 jours
mal:were are you going in such a hurry little lady * picks her up*

princesskayla... dit:

Il y a 2199 jours
mal: awww cute , what do you want to do next sweetie:)

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