Hi my name is joel and i am so wizzed about going on blingee i hope i get some friends soon my mind gives me info and advice for blingee and i would like to have some fun so here i am.


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ponyrock dit:

Il y a 2137 jours
I just thought of something I know that everybody hates Monday's so every monday il hold a contest called best mlp blingee so will you join rules will be on the blingee that I make on monday??? 

codetski dit:

Il y a 2153 jours
glad to have you in my friend circle. I gave all your blingees 5 star ratings and commented on a few of them.looks like thanks to me you now have some badges.

bvgyggggu dit:

Il y a 2154 jours
hi :D its me anna :D

coolkitty457 dit:

Il y a 2155 jours
Welcome to my circle! i hope we are great friends!
I hope you like it! :D xx

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