Ashley...Gone But Never Forgotten

Ashley was a beautiful, vivacious young woman who loved living her life to it's fullest. She was a junior olympic inline speedskater. Inline speedskating was her passion in life. She traveled all around the Unitied States competing and also trained at the Olympic training center with Olympic Medalist in Colorado. She was a very ferocious competitor and all her trophies, medals and plaques were a testiment to this fact. Ashley had a love for the outdoors. She enjoyed boating, skiing, snorkeling, fishing, biking and going to the beach. Ashley passed away on November 14, 2007 at the young age of only 19 years old. Alot of the blingees you will see on this site are dedicated to her memory and beauty. We miss & love Ashley so much. It is hard not having you here with us any longer, but God must have needed an Angel...We love you pumpkin!


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missthang1234 dit:

Il y a 4209 jours
hey wats up

arletty111 dit:

Il y a 4355 jours
wow thats verynice of you send me some of u'r pics to tellu what i htink of them>ok.

arletty111 dit:

Il y a 4355 jours
hey nice blingees.

lizeth.18 dit:

Il y a 4371 jours
Hey look I do not speak English but find a translator to send this message to congratulate you for your very nice bling before them like you wanted but then I just got lucky with style ....lizeth

Ray87 dit:

Il y a 4372 jours
hi ashleys aunt...well actually i was told i had 4% cancer left...thats not bad i still have radiation in my system so it should fight it off...or ill just have to take radiation over again...but anyways im going to be a so lucky this cancer is easily treated...very lucky....

Ray87 dit:

Il y a 4373 jours
just wanted to say hi...:)

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