sometimes i AM a girly girl :P

_*_ My name is Amy Elizabeth _*_
_*_ I have a wonderful boyfriend who is currently serving in Iraq and I will hopefully be able to see him JANURARY! <3 _*_
_*_ I will always and forever be a little girl at heart! _*_
_*_ My favorite place to go is DISNEYLAND and I love everything Disney! _*_
_*_ I enjoy all kinds of music but my favorite has always been HARD ROCK and classic punk _*_
_*_ I love love LOVE movies and everything Hollywood! _*_
_*_ I used to have very long black hair but right now I have shoulder length blonde hair! _*_


_*_ I love Blingee! I just started making Blingees in late September 2007.  _*_
_*_ I love to upload stamps for everyone to use. I try to upload a wide variety for everybody. If you have a request of any kind, comment me! _*_
_*_ I am a very friendly person so don't hesitate to chat with me or be in my circle.. I love new friends! _*_
_*_ If you rate & comment any of my Blingees it will be my pleasure to return the favor! _*_



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mysticstar94 dit:

Il y a 4659 jours
o so kool so do u miss ur boyfriend and i love ur pictrues and mybe u chould put some skulls that r green and black 

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