Hello i'm Sara, i'm from italy, breakdancer, i'm a graphic designer
i love music:rock, punk, metal, hardcore punk.
i love Squadra speciale Cobra 11, Human Target, The Mentalist, NCIS, Merlin, Star wars, Star Trek, Idiana Jones, Star Trek TNG, Star Trek Enterprise, Miami Vice, Charlie's Angels and The Twilight Zone.
I love Vasco, Harrison Ford, Don Johnson,David Hasseloff, Michael J Fox, Dirk Benedict, Kevin Costner, Erdogan Atalay, Tom Beck, Michael,William Shatner, Deforest Kelley,Orlando Bloom, Karl Urban, Chris Pine, Weatherly, Ewan Mcgregor,John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy
I love Inuyasha, Naruto, Code geass, High school of the dead, One piece, Diabolik lover, Lovely complex,Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul,Dead Parade, Sakamoto desu  ga?, Drifters


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bradley cooper
bradley cooper
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donja01 dit:

Il y a 791 jours
hi give 10 blingees stars

Isabekuki dit:

Il y a 798 jours
Grazie ma anche qualificare la mia blingees

donja01 dit:

Il y a 807 jours
hi give 10 blingees starres

BlackLightning dit:

Il y a 814 jours  welcome to my circle of friends: thanks for wanting to be my friend feel free to join my groups and become active in the groups as well  

i am john 30 and single i love making new friends as well :)

donja01 dit:

Il y a 816 jours
Hello be back wad ill but if you want whe be friends an i give 10 blingees starres

rainbowgyrl dit:

Il y a 819 jours
Your Welcome!!

passionpussycat dit:

Il y a 824 jours
Happy Easter :)

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