twinkle twinkle, baby, twinkle twinkle...

i'm me... what can i say?? :)

i'm simply mad about all things alice. my obsessions run deep with trent reznor and johnny depp. i have a wicked sense of humor and could care less what you think. color is a very important aspect in my life. i have a muse... her name is sparkle. rocky horror is my favorite movie. and finally, one must NEVER forget... randomness is AWESOMEness!


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my picture perfect sparkle
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spongii_gurl dit:

Il y a 4304 jours
love your mini parrot stamp! nice blingees 2!

miriankraco dit:

Il y a 4370 jours
Love yours stamps!

101nathalia dit:

Il y a 4451 jours
nice blingees and stamps

a8210 dit:

Il y a 4653 jours
you have some very nice stamps!

tifftoff1 dit:

Il y a 4716 jours
wicked blingees and stamps :)

m00nPrincess dit:

Il y a 4746 jours
Hi, love your pics and stamps. What software/s are you using to make your stamps?

baby_girl_719 dit:

Il y a 4752 jours
I think ur doin really good. better then i do... how do u make the stamp, or is it ur secret? lol ;)

lillroker2 dit:

Il y a 4755 jours
cool stamps!

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